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Air Conditioning

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If you want to stay cool and comfortable when driving, you need to ensure that your air conditioning (AC) system is in good working order. Tyrepower Gateshead can ensure that your AC system is in prime condition and can regass your AC system as required.

For Air Conditioning services local to you, come see Tyrepower Gateshead today. Our fully qualified Air Conditioning technicians are ready to inspect and service your vehicle's air conditioning.

Air conditioning systems aren’t just for cooling the interior of your vehicle down, they offer a valuable feature to help de-mist windows, by removing humidity from inside your car.

As the air passes over the evaporator under your dashboard, excess moisture is pulled from the air, forming the condensation you can sometimes see dripping under your car while the A/C is running.

This dry air will absorb the moisture clinging to the inside of your windows, clearing them up.

We frequently see cars bought in for poorly smelling air conditioning vents. This can be caused by mildew and mould that forms when cars air conditioning drains are not functioning properly.

For a range of air conditioning inspections, diagnostics and repairs in Tyrepower Gateshead, come see the team at Tyrepower Gateshead today.

Air Conditioning Services offered by your Tyrepower store

A proper air conditioning service isn’t just a simple temperature test, put more gas in it and send it back out the door. We have the specialist tools to properly diagnose and repair faulty air conditioning systems to ensure years of dependable service.

  • Air conditioning diagnosis and leak detection using high quality dye to detect leaks
  • If necessary, compressor replacement using new genuine, aftermarket or refurbished parts
  • Cabin air filter replacement - Often overlooked, a blocked cabin filter can limit airflow, smell poorly and carry germs
  • Disinfect and clean air conditioning vents
  • Cleaning drainage systems to help prevent future mildew and mould buildup

Why air conditioning servicing is important

Annual air conditioning servicing is crucial for the longevity of your air conditioning system. Not only does the gas in the system work as a refrigerant, but it also contains lubricants added to help the o-rings seal the system from leaking, as well as maintain proper compressor functionality.

Maintaining a clean cabin filter will promote easy airflow through the ductwork in your car and improve the efficiency of both your air conditioning and your heater systems.

If you are experiencing any of the following your air conditioning system requires an inspection and diagnostic.

  • Your air conditioning and heating system isn’t heating or cooling correctly
  • Your vehicle interior smells damp or mildewy
  • The demist function for your windscreen is not operational
  • The air conditioning system is making unusual noises
  • Your air conditioning refuses to turn on or blows warm air

Your car’s AC system needs servicing every 2 years. Your owner’s manual should have information specific to your make and model. If your car is due to have the AC system serviced, or it is no longer running effectively, give us a call on (02) 4946 2698. We service the Gateshead area and surrounding suburbs, including Whitebridge, Charlestown, Redhead and Belmont And The Southern Newcastle Region.

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ARC number: AU44256

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